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LUSH Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner (ft. a letter of return)

First things first – yes, I am still alive. My readers (all four of them) had probably given up on me months ago, but it just feels weird posting like nothing happened after such a long time. I wish I could blame it on school and exams, but I was slacking so much I can only blame it on being busy procrastinating. More than anything though, I just didn’t really feel like blogging and I figured it’s better not to post than do it poorly just to do it. Well after falling out of the habit and seriously considering deleting the entire web site, I started to really miss it, so I came up with a plan. I have a bunch of products left to review from months ago (companies probably hate my guts) so I’ll get that out of my way first – which does not by any means mean the reviews will be any less honest! After that, I’m not going to be accepting any more products to review (unless I get some super amazing offer, but I don’t see Nars or Mac writing me any emails in the near future), though I’m still open to hosting giveaways for brands. I’ve also decided to quit my ‘new in’ monthly series, since I always show what I buy on my Instagram (@NusaPavlic) and Facebook and Twitter (@NusaPavlic) right away so I really don’t see the point. Bottom line, I am back to spamming Twitter timelines with links to my new posts!


LUSH Ro's Argan Body Conditioner

Now onto the gorgeousness that is this little LUSH miracle. I did not know what to expect from a ‘body conditioner’, but saw the rave and as much as I didn’t believe it, I am a changed woman after trying it out. First and foremost – I’m pretty sure this is what heaven’s chambers smell like. I guess it smells like roses, but oh it’s so much more! I can’t even begin to explain it, but it’s amazing, very specific, yet I am positive no living being would hate it, very powerful, yet so subtle you can’t get that ‘scent headache’ even if you wanted to. I could stop here and order you to get it for the smell only, but I’ve got more. It also lasts on your skin (and in the bathroom) for absolutely ages!

LUSH Ro's Argan Body Conditioner

I apply this after rinsing my shower gel as usual. I massage it in (just because it feels so amazing) and perhaps let it really work its magic for a minute or two (in that time I die a few times because it smells so heavenly), then rinse it off and there you go, most deliciously smelling, soft. moisturized, silky skin I’ve ever had. Applying lotion as well kinda ruins it because I honestly don’t need it, I just can’t really see it getting any better than this. And you know how you sometimes love a product so much you’d rather die than let someone borrow it? Well, I love this SO much, I gave my half full jar to my friend Živa, I jsut couldn’t bear to be the only one enjoying it. And because this is such a pamper product for those nights you crave some spoiling, the price fits aswell. It’s quite heavy on the wallet (€26,95 for 225g), but to be honest, I think I wouldn’t see it as such a treat if it were a few bucks only. Bottom line, this is the ultimate pamper night product and I think everyone should snatch themselves a jar the second they can spare those twenty-something euros.

What is your favourite pamper product?

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  • Simona Ribič

    dobrodošla nazaj ! :)

  • Tamara M

    Zanimivo, nisem sploh vedela da kaj takšnega obstaja. Hudo! Welcome back honey ;).

    • Nuša Pavlič

      Tudi jaz ne pred tem izdelkom. Genius! &hvala! xx

  • The Beauty and The Business

    I got a sample of this in a kit I got for christmas and LOVE the smell!

  • Maja

    Welcome back! Drugače se pa čisto strinjam z oceno. Sicer nisem kupila izdelka, ampak sem ga malo sprobala in je božanski… vreden vsakega centa se mi zdi. 😀

    • Nuša Pavlič

      Vreden vsakega centa indeed & hvala! xx

  • Julie Ly

    Welcome back and this sounds amazing! xx


  • Nuša Pavlič

    Thank you girl!
    It totally is xx

  • Nuša Pavlič

    The smell is TO. DIE. FOR. <3 xx

  • Nuša Pavlič

    Hvala! xx