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Stenders shampoo and hair cream

I’m the worst blogger in the history of beauty blogging and companies that expect my reviews probably hate me, but it’s not like my description claims I’m at all organized. Well anyhow, I’m bringing to you two hair product reviews today, so keep on reading if you are looking for ways to pamper your locks!

Stenders Shampoo hair cream feel the smooth make your hair shine

Starting off with the shampoo (which I accidentally left in my other shower and by the time I returned to that apartment, the bottle was empty, thanks to my sis – but fear not, I did get the chance to try it out); it’s meant for normal hair and that is actually the best description of it. My hair falls in the category of oily scalp + dry ends, also known as devil’s work, and while this shampoo did make my locks noticeably smoother and ‘taken care of’, I also got oilier a tad bit sooner. If you’re used to washing your hair everyday as it is and just want to provide a bit more nourishment, this is perfect. It would work best for, obviously, normal hair and even dry hair if you don’t like the overly creamy texture of some shampoos meant for super dry hair. This one will set you back 13,20€ for 200ml.

Stenders Shampoo hair cream feel the smooth make your hair shine

The second thing is the truly exciting one. It’s a hair cream and I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but it’s the best thing that’s happened to my hair in a while. I do like my hair oils, but this is just different. It doesn’t make your hair super glossy and shiny and smooth, as oils do, but imagine your hair after you’ve washed it with a really nice shampoo and a really nice hair mask. That is what whis cream does to your hair. It doesn’t look as if you’ve put any product in it, it’s that perfect “oh, no bigge, my hair is just naturally this luscious” product. I don’t own anything similar (although I’ve had some ‘hair creams’ before and none of them did anything for me) so this is certainly a very welcomed addition to my stash and a definite repurchase! A bottle of this costs 18,80€ for 200ml.

Stenders Shampoo hair cream feel the smooth make your hair shine

Both of these have that same sweet scent, that all Stenders hair products do – I find it really nice, although it is quite strong and specific and might not be everybody’s cup of tea. I also really like the dispensing mechanisms on both, makes the usage that much easier!

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  • Katja – Viva la vida blog

    Krema je super, pa še ne porabi se hitro :)))

    • Nuša Pavlič

      Počasna poraba je definitivno še en plus! xx

  • Sanja

    Ta krema se super sliši, bom verjetno mogla it malo do Stenders povohat te zadeve :)

    • Nuša Pavlič

      Čudovita je, če ti odgovarja vonj pa sploh! xx