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FOTD: Switching it up

I wanted to get rid of the bitter after taste that’s been nagging me ever since I posted my last FOTD, with which I wasn’t exactly pleased. And since these FOTD posts are far from a regular thing on this blog, I want to publish something different every time (there’s nothing worse than those bloggers that post 5 FOTDs a week and they’re basically all the same, only different shades of eyeshadow and lipstick) and by that also force myself to use all of my makeup, not just those couple of products that I’m used to.

FOTD Switching it up makeup look

If I ignore the awkward facial expressions, I’m actually quite pleased with the pictures this time (What?! Could it be?!). Now let’s see which products contributed to this outcome – if you’d like to see a separate review on any of the products used (MUA eyeshadow palette perhaps?), do let me know in the comment section below.

FOTD Switching it up makeup look

FOTD Switching it up makeup look

FOTD Switching it up makeup look eye closeup

My skin is looking a bit better lately and I although I love my dear Revlon Colorstay, I just couldn’t wait to switch to something lighter, dewy-er and easier to remove. I remembered how well I got along with Bourjois Healthy Mix (#52 Vanilla) a few years ago so I brought it back to my eventful life; the shade is a tad bit dark for me right now but I think I can still pull it off when it’s properly blended (on this occasion I used the Real Techniques Expert Face brush, but I actually prefer to use the RT makeup sponge with this formula) into my hairline and down the neck (plus, it’s only a matter of time till I get a teensy bit tanner). I primed my eyelids with the Urban Decay Primer Potion (the original one, I plan on doing a review on all four of them, but I still need to properly test them) and continued with the MUA Glamour Nights palette (a champagne shade and a brownish one on the lid and a forest green on my lower lash line). If was quite hot that day so I opted for a budge-proof mascara, my beloved Maybelline The Rocket (waterproof). I did my eyebrows with an essence angled brush and the Oriflame Brow set, which contains two amazing powder shades and a wax, which I never use. I start off with the darker shade and do the outer parts of my eyebrows and then use the lighter shade to define the inner parts, carefully blending it all together and then brushing it all through with my EcoTools brow tool. I used the bigger EcoTools eyeshadow brush with the Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer to clean up around my brows, my under-eye area and my mouth. I set it all together with the CadeaVera powder (applied with the Alverde kabuki brush) which actually performs really nicely considering the price – if gives a really soft finish while also providing a bit more coverage. I contoured a bit using the CATRICE bronzer and blush duo (only using the bronzer; I believe this was a part of the L’Afrique C’est Chic limited edition) and Sigma F40. Finally, I used the Alverde lipliner #Soft Red and essence lipstick #on the catwalk on my lips and sprayed my entire face with the Soraya toner (review) to get rid of any excess powder.

That was a long one, but I do hope you enjoyed it nevertheless. If not, better luck next time!

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  • Maja

    Lepaaaa… pa obrvi <3 😀

    • Nuša Pavlič

      Hvala! :) Meni so tudi obrvi tu najljubše. 😀

  • Lollistick Aida

    lepa šminka pa ful maš lepo kožo :)

    • Nuša Pavlič

      Sem vesela, da sem “odkrila” to šminko v moji zbirki, ja. 😀 Koža sicer ni ravno lepa, ampak je vsekakor boljša, kot je bila, pa tu sem se lepo potrudila s pudrom, korektorjem, itd. 😛

  • Sabina

    Všečen makeup, lepo ti pristaja :)

    • Nuša Pavlič

      Hvala! :)

  • Živa

    Yay you published it *proud* Pretty Nuša <3 (Sorry, it’s early, I can’t come up with a better comment)

    • Nuša Pavlič

      Thank you, sleepy Živa! ^.^

  • Manases Andrea

    I love it, because it is casual! Great work!

    • Nuša Pavlič

      For me, this was actually far from casual, but yes, it does look pretty toned down. Thank you!

  • Sandra

    Ful ti paše tale look! Nekaj podobnega ponavadi jaz rada poleti nosim. :)

    Sandra – The Puzzle of Sandra’s Life

    • Nuša Pavlič

      To je zame že skor all-out, tako da mogoče poleti za v klub, ajde. 😀

  • Krvava Meri

    Tako si lepa, da kar težko dojamem. <3

    • Nuša Pavlič

      Joj Meri <3 Jaz se pa težko spopadam s takšnimi komplimenti. ^.^ Ampak hvala! :))

  • Katja – Viva la vida blog

    Lep mejkap – in ti seveda 😀

    • Nuša Pavlič

      Najlepša hvala! :)

  • sarchy87

    res si prekrasna, čudovit make up in slikce, zelena ti takoooo lepo poudari učke, pa sami fajn izdelki!
    Maybelline The rocket imam tudi jaz, sicer nevodoodporno, pa mi je d best, sem jo sedaj prvič kupila..
    Bourjouis Healthy Mix je res superca, tudi jaz prisegam nanj :)

    • Nuša Pavlič

      Hvala hvala hvala :)) Če bi vedela, da je Rocket že navadna tako tough, ne bi vzela vodoodporne. 😀

  • D. Ralok

    Pure beauty, res ti paše tale look :)

    • Nuša Pavlič

      Joj hvala <3

  • Adjusting Beauty

    Lepa:)) Ta zgornji odtenek na očesu mi je zelo lep. Turkizna pa se super zlije s tvojo barvo oči:)

    • Nuša Pavlič

      Najlepša hvala! :))

  • Kris Tina

    Res maš lepe obrvi <3

    • Nuša Pavlič

      Ko bi le vsak dan imela čas in voljo jih takole “dodelat” 😀

  • With love, Ana.

    Kok lepa polt in MU <3

    • Nuša Pavlič

      Joj hvala Ana <3