Stenders Holiday Gift Ideas

Stenders GG 1

I know it seems like this blog is 90% Stenderes, seeing as there isn’t that much content uploaded yet, but the first two test posts were both about Stenders products and basically, I only moved those here because I liked the photos. Life. Nevertheless, I received a couple of products recently and wanted to put this up while the holiday season is still going on – honestly, Stenders is in my opinion one of the best stores to head into when you’re on a hunt for a gift for a beauty lover. Their products are always awesome, but not something you’d necessarily buy for yourself and as you can see, the packaging, the wrapping, the scent of everything just scream ‘gift’! Read more

Skincare splurge


Seeing as my skin is at its freaking worst at the moment, I decided to go all out and splurge on a couple skincare items – some old favourtes, some cult products and some that simply looked intriguing. I’ve been wanting the Olay Electric Face Brush set for ages and now I can finally cross it off my wishlist – along with the Melvita Rose Water Facial Spray and La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+. I also visited one of my favourite little stores, Yves Rocher, and repurchased two of my absolute favourite skincare products ever – the YR Hydra Vegetal Moisture Concentrate (absolute life saver and an eternal repurchase) and the YR Jardins de Monde Orange Shower Gel (literally my favourite shower gel on the face of Earth). A couple of weeks earlier I also bought a Bioderma Sensibio AR Moisturizer that I loved when I had a sample and now I’m not so sure anymore… I was also lucky enough to receive quite a lot of gifts and samples so I think it’s safe to say I’m set on skincare for a little while. I don’t think I’ll be doing separate reviews on every single product here, so in case you’re especially interested in anything, do let me know!


Empties #1


Empties are probably my favourite kind of posts to read and write, there’s so much info on a variety of completely different products and I feel like the reviews are really thorough since you’ve actually gotten to use up the product and test it out as much as you could.

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Afrodita winter body care


I’m not usually a fan of warm, sweet, creamy scents, but when winter strikes, I do sometimes feel like lathering myself up with a rich, nutty shower gel. I got this Afrodita gift set at my local grocery store while shopping for milk and toast and boy am I glad I did. Both products came in a lovely packaging (which my dear roommate threw away before I could snap a shot, but she makes me coffee so we’re calling it even) and for a fabulous price. Aside for the pleasant scent that is completely cut out or these festive weeks, both products are really moisturizing and really low maintenance, which I really appreciate –  I am never lazier than on cold winter nights, which makes keeping decent skin quite troublesome. After showering with the oil shower gel, I quickly slap on some body milk while still damp (it is extremely easy to spread and sinks in in a second), jump into my flannel PJs and I’m set. And if you’re like me and actually have way too many shower gels and body lotions and just cannot justify getting a single one more, this makes a lovely and cheap gift for basically anyone – we all need to shower and have chapped elbows round this time of year, right?


Cosnova 2014

Dominur press LJ grad 2014 - Photo Ziga Intihar-138

A couple of months or so ago I’ve attended a wonderful blogger event hosted by the amazing Cosnova crew. I am way too late to the party to go into detail about the even and how oh so fancy it was, so I will just link the detailed blogposts by other invitees at the end of mine. Fast forward a bit, we got a bajillion new products to try out and for this post to have a sense, I decided to point out the ones that stole my heart and a sure place in my daily makeup routine.

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Stenders Chocolate & Vanilla

Stenders Chocolate 1

I got sent this Stenders duo that is perfect for any passionate chocolate lover out there. I’ll be honest, I don’t recognize much of the vanilla, which kind of saddens me because the scent is very strong and I’m not too big on chocolate in general *sorry*. Scent wise, it all comes down to personal taste here. Otherwise, the shower gel is really lovely, creamy and ladders up perfectly. Can I really say more about a shower gel? The body scrub on the other hand I LOVED from the beginning, it made my skin soooo so so soft and due to the indulging scent, the whole experience was really pampering. But then, not even a month later, something really odd happened; I wanted to scrub the day away and upon unscrewing the lid, I discovered this. I do not know if this was my jar only or did I not store it correctly…. Either way, it was a very sad day. You can check out all of the yummy pampering stuff by Stenders here.

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Stenders Rose Hand Cream

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Stenders hand cream

I have a quick little review for you today, as I really don’t think there’s a lot to say about a hand cream. First and foremost, I really love the packaging on this one – matte, dirty pink (?) with a silver cap, plus the opening is really tiny so there’s no danger of squirting out too much product. It claims to be rose scented and while I know absolutely nothing about flower scents, this is a pleasant and subtle one, therefore it can’t get annoying over time. As far as nourishing goes, it’s your average everyday throw-in-the-handbag kind of hand cream: not too thick and sticky, yet not one of those cheapo ones that only make your hands feel unpleasant. It also almost doesn’t make your hands greasy at all so that’s always welcome as well. You can snatch a tube of 75ml for 10,75.

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