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Empties #5

A header photo of the featured empty products in a trash bin.

HIYA there! Welcome to my newly dressed blog – I was so excited to share the new look with you, but unfortunately the situation turned out to be a bit less peachy. My server can’t really handle it so until I move (ergo take on a pile of additional stress and wallet emptying) it’s loads terribly slow. Also, my laptop keyboard decided to die on me and I’m sure you can imagine how that might present quite a setback to my newfound excitement over blogging. But to jump right into it, I’ve also recently moved apartments (I’m now a true student; living in a dormitory and the anxious girl inside me hates it) which can only mean one thing – taking photos of empty products so that I don’t have to pack my trash aswell.  Read More


Pimp my iPhone – eBay deals

Header photo featuring my iPhone 6, Apple earbuds, a pink bumber case, a makeup bag, flowers.

After recently upgrading my phone and joining the Apple community, browsing for fun and cheap cases on eBay has become a part of my day. And being broke at the same time (which has absolutely nothing to do with me buying this phone, no matter what my mother says), I found myself throwing stuff in an eBay collection which kept getting bigger and bigger and then it hit me – I can’t buy it, but I can blog about it. So here you go, a collection of useful and also useless iPhone accessories that you’re gonna want. This list is optimised for iPhone 6, but you can get the majority of these things for other Apple and non-Apple phones as well. Read More


Afrodita sugar body scrub

Afroduta Cosmetics Sugar body scrub

I am a huge body scrub junkie. For the face, I avoid scrubby cleansers as much as I can (face brush/face cloth + acids do the job in that area), but for the body I’m all over them. I’m going to talk about my most recent addition, the Afrodita sugar scrub! I’ve seen rave reviews about it before, but never bothered to purchase it until I saw a sale and well, I’d buy a goat if it were on sale. I’m so glad I got it though, it is absolutely amazing.  Read More